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COVID-19 update from Department for Education, 1 December 2020

1 December 2020

We received this information from the Department for Education on 1 December 2020:

QR codes for schools and preschools

The Department will source QR codes for all schools and preschools with the aim of having individual codes out to sites ready for term 1, along with advice on how it should be used.

Please continue to ensure all visitors sign-in at the front office/reception and that they provide their email address and phone number for contact tracing purposes. 


Swimming lessons or other activities at public swimming pools can resume as of today.

There are caps on the density and number of people per pool, so please check with the pool manager if you’ve booked a large number of students to attend swimming or aquatic activities.

Schools with pools onsite should continue to restrict public access for the remainder of the school year.

End-of-year events

Directions are unlikely to change before 14 December. The advice continues to be:

  • events on school or preschool sites can continue, however attendance outside the staff and student body should be minimised
  • events held at public venues must comply with current COVID restrictions (an approved COVID-Safe plan or COVID Management Plan and capped attendance).
  • at all events, adults must be able to physical distance, hygiene measures must be in place and attendance records kept for contact tracing.

Masks for allied heath

Like educators, masks for allied health professionals are not mandatory when working with children in a school or preschool setting. However, masks have been provided to all staff and can be worn if the staff member chooses.

Masks should be worn in meeting rooms and staff rooms where adults cannot appropriately practice physical distancing.