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COVID-19 update from Department for Education

18 November 2020

We received this information from the Department for Education on 18 November at 5 pm:

Children in care

Children in care are considered vulnerable for the purpose of continuing attendance if required.


As with schools, preschools and childcare, OSHC services are able to remain open for children of essential workers and vulnerable children.

This will be a decision for each individual OSHC business, but we would encourage services to be open to provide services to the people who need it.

We are in active conversation with the Commonwealth about impacts on child care funding arrangements and will advise when we know.

Access Assistance Program – Students with vulnerable/invasive health conditions supported by a Registered Nurse or a Health Support Officer

The Access Assistance Program staff are contacting families directly to determine if an AAP supported child will be attending school. Schools who receive an AAP service will be receiving information as quickly as possible.

If an AAP supported student unexpectedly arrives at school please immediately contact the AAP service on 8159 9400.

Transport Assistance Program

If a parent of a child with disability who currently accesses the Students with Disability Transport Assistance Program advises the school their child will be attending school, the school staff will need to contact the Transport Assistance Program via email at education.swdtransport [at] sa.gov.au.

Transport Assistance Program staff will make every effort to accommodate the requests for transport.

If further advice is needed please contact Penny Buddle on 8226 2235.