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Operating hours: Are yours correct?

6 July 2020

Having your operating hours on the ACECQA website helps families know if your service will suit them. It’s also required for service approval.

However, some services haven’t notified us of their operating hours or changes to them.

During the pandemic we have been phoning hundreds of services. So we know most of the details are correct now. But if yours is a service that still has not updated its hours of operation, please do so now.

This is also a requirement of the Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011.

We find it really helpful to know the operating hours too when we plan visits to services. We’re looking forward to getting out again soon.

What action should I take?

  •  Now: Please log onto the NQA IT System. Ensure your service’s hours and days of operation are correct. If they are missing or incorrect, please submit a notification ASAP.
  • In future: Whenever your operating times change, you must notify us ASAP via the NQA IT System.