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Where can I get masks?

8 December 2020

People are recommended to wear a face mask in public if unable to physically distance.

Face masks are widely available at pharmacies, supermarkets and variety stores. In addition, here is a list of manufacturers and distributors from the Office of the Industry Advocate.

Supplier list*

*Please note: This list was compiled with the support of the Office of the Industry Advocate. The products have not been endorsed by the Department for Education or SA Health.

Disposable/Medical Face Masks

Detmold Group
Have L3 surgical masks and medical D95 P2 respirator mask
Contact: Suanne Ashton
Phone: 0434 386 221 or (08) 8348 3803
Website: www.detmoldgroup.com

Aus Shield Pty Ltd
Local distributor of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for surgical, medical and general use
Contact: Jimmy Ravelo
Phone: (08) 8164 9938
Email: info [at] ausshield.com.au

Suppliers of disposable hygiene masks, gloves, disposable clothing and various cleaning supplies
Contact: Mark Cooper
Phone: 0409 323 439
Email: mark.cooper [at] blackwoods.com.au
Website: www.blackwoods.com.au

Torrens Safety
Importers, manufacturers and distributors of industrial safety gear including industrial face masks and disposable clothing
Contact: Ian Kempster
Phone: (08) 8346 2955 or 0428 826 694
Email: info [at] torrenssafety.com.au
Website:  www.torrenssafety.com.au

These suppliers below are part of the Across Government Workplace and Related Products Panel of Suppliers:

Reusable fabric face masks

AESS Sportscentre
Local manufacturer who had been selling some 45 000 into Melbourne during their lockdown, available in three sizes. Have the capacity to make 1500 per day. Also have disposable masks.
Contact: Adam Knight
Phone: 0405 607 844
Email: aknight [at] sportscentre.com.au
Website: https://clubmedical.com.au/collections/face-mask

Belgravia Sports Apparel t/a JS Sports
Local school and sports apparel manufacturer
Contact: Joe Siciliano
Phone: (08) 8281 7155 or 0402 327 454
Email: joe [at] jssports.com.au

Devon Clothing
Local school uniform manufacturer.  They have the capacity to manufacture face masks.
Contact: Val Gava
Phone: (08) 8350 7999 or 0419 825 005
Email: val [at] devonclothing.com.au

Marino Uniforms
Suppliers of fabric masks. They have manufactured 3500 fabric masks and have these in stock if samples are required.
Contact: Milton King
Phone: (08) 8293 3837 or 0427 540006
Email: sales [at] marinouniforms.com.au
Website: https://marinouniforms.com.au/

Monterry Pty Ltd
Manufacturer and retailer generally of swimwear and dancewear, but recently been making face covers and looking at reusable vegie bags, headwear for nurses that wear face masks to protect their ears and open to other manufacturing if possible, i.e. protective gowns.
Contact: Belinda Buckman
Phone: (08) 83449744 / 0433219099
Email: belinda [at] jemdesigns.com.au