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Fact sheets –Leadership and Service Mangement

May | 2018

Under the Education and Early Childhood Services (Registration and Standards) Act 2011, Sections 173 and 174 require approved providers of education and care services to notify information relating to prescribed matters to the Board within a prescribed timeframe. This fact sheet details:

  • the types of notifications required
  • the person responsible to notify
  • required timeframes to notify
  • how to access and submit notification forms
  • how to register for and use the NQA ITS.

Notifications required

(National Law, sections 173, 174; National Regulations, regulations 174, 175)

Type of NotificationResponsibility TimeframeReference in
Change to Information about approved provider
Notice of change in name of approved providerApproved Provider Within 14 DaysSection 173(1)(a)
Change to address or contact details of approved providerApproved Provider Within 7 daysSection 174(1) Regulation 175
Any change relevant to approved provider’s fitness and proprietyApproved Provider Within 7 daysSection 174(1)(a)
Notice of any appointment or removal of a person with management or control of serviceApproved Provider Within 14 DaysSection 173(1)(b)
The appointment of receivers or liquidators to the approved provider or any matters that affect the financial viability and ongoing operation of the serviceApproved Provider Within 7 daysSection 174(1)(b)
Death of approved providerApproved Provider Within 7 days of the deathSection 39
Change to information about approved service
A failure to commence operating within 6 months of grant of service approvalApproved Provider Within 14 days Section 172(1)(b)
Any change to the hours and days of operation of the serviceApproved Provider Within 7 daysSection 174(2)(c)
A change in the location of the principal office of a family day care serviceApproved Provider Within 7 daysSection 173(2)(e)
Any change to the state or territory in which a family day care service operatesApproved Provider Within 7 daysSection 174(2)(c)
Change to nominated supervisorApproved Provider 7 days prior to commencementSection 56 Regulation 35
A nominated supervisor is no longer employed by the service or withdraws consent to the nominationApproved provider Within 7 daysSection 173(2)(b
Any proposed change to the premises, such as refurbishment (other than a family day care residence)Approved provider Within 7 daysSection 173(2)(c)
A new approved family day care venue is added to the serviceApproved provide Within 7 daysSection 174(2)(e)
Intention to transfer service approvalTransferring & receiving approved providers 42 days before transferSection 59 Regulation 36-37
Ceasing to operate the education and care serviceApproved provider Within 7 daysSection 173(2)(d)
Change to information about nominated supervisor or certified supervisor
Suspension or cancellation of a working with children card, or teacher registration of or disciplinary proceedings against nominated supervisor, or certified supervisor employed by the serviceApproved provider Within 7 days of the approved provider being notifiedSection 173(2)(a)
Notice of change of name or mailing address of certified supervisorCertified supervisor Within 7 days of the changeSection 115(3)
Notice of change of circumstances of certified supervisorCertified supervisor Within 7 days of the changeSection 121
Incidents and complaints
Serious incident at education and care serviceApproved provider Within 24 hours of the incidentSection 174 (2) (a) Regulation 12 Regulation 176(2) (a)(ii)
Death of a childApproved provider As soon as practicable, but within 24 hoursSection 174 (2) (a) Regulation 176(2) (a)(i)
Complaints alleging that the safety, health or wellbeing of a child was or is being compromised or that the law has been breachedApproved provider Within 24 hours of the complaintSection 174 (2) (b) Regulation 176(2)(b)
Any incident that requires the approved provider to close or reduce the number of children attending the service for a periodApproved provider Within 24 hours of the eventSection 174(2)(c) Regulation 175(2)(b) Regulation 176(2)(c)
Any circumstance at the service that poses a significant risk to the health, safety or wellbeing of a child attending the serviceApproved provider Within 7 daysSection 174(2)(c) Regulation 175 (2)(c) Regulation 176 (2)(c)
The centre-based service is educating and caring for extra child/ren due to an emergencyApproved provider Within 24 HoursSection 175(2)(c)

How to access and submit notification forms

Notification forms may be accessed online from the ACECQA website at: https://www.acecqa.gov.au/resources/applications

Notifications can also be submitted online through the National Quality Agenda IT System (NQA ITS) via: https://public.nqaits.acecqa.gov.au.

How to register for and use NQA ITS

For information on how to register for and use the NQA ITS please see our NQA ITS portal access fact sheet.


Please note: Once a notification has been submitted through the NQA ITS, any supporting or additional documents must be emailed, faxed or posted to the Board at:

Email: EducationStandardsBoard [at] sa.gov.au
Fax: 08 8226 1815
Postal address: Education Standards Board GPO Box 1811 Adelaide SA 5001

Please quote the notification reference number on all documentation submitted to the Board.

Contact details

Early Childhood Services
Phone: 08 8226 0077 or 1800 882 413
Email: EducationStandardsBoard [at] sa.gov.au