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Self-review tool to help schools meet all Standards

1 December 2020

We have developed a self-review tool to support schools in ensuring all Standards for registration and review of registration are being met.

Registered schools have an ongoing obligation to meet the Standards. This tool will assist in identifying documents, practices and facilities that demonstrate this.

The self-review tool is voluntary and has been designed for internal use. The tool lists each criterion and provides space to record evidence and its location. It also includes links to the following key documents:

After using the self-review tool, schools are encouraged to rectify any Standards that are not being met. This includes updating policies and procedures or planning for curriculum review. The tool should then be internally filed for possible future use. Nothing needs to be submitted to the Education Standards Board (ESB).

School principals have told us that review of registration can affirm good practices and assist school leaders to identify areas requiring attention.

The Education Standards Board Schools team is also more than happy to provide support if needed.

For further information:

Email: esb.schools [at] sa.gov.au

Call: (08) 8226 0077