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Changes to ratios, new educators and transporting children, 19 August 2020

 'No jab, no play' information update, 17 August 2020

Exemptions to 'No jab, no play' laws, 10 August 2020

Changes to National Regulations, 27 May 2020

Coronavirus alerts are now on our 'COVID-19 (coronavirus) information' page

Early Childhood Services and Immunisation Discussion Paper, 7 June 2019

Current newsletter

Education Standards Board Bulletin: September 2020, 1 September 2020

  • When is discipline inappropriate?
  • Changes to ratios, educators and transporting children
  • Steps for managing a coronavirus case
  • Explaining COVID to children
  • A&Rs: a collaborate process
  • 'OSCH after the bell' podcast
  • Quality ratings by socio-economic status of areas
  • Have your say: inclusion of children with disability

Past newsletters

Education Standards Board Bulletin: August 2020, 4 August 2020

  • Who moderates A&R reports?
  • A step towards reconciliation
  • Changes to school registration
  • Apply early for waivers
  • Updated fact sheets
  • 10 things we'd like OSHC staff to know
  • Do you have authority to teach in early childhood?
  • All play a part in quality education and care
  • Little Scientists: award and webinars
  • Do play with your food! FREE toolkit

Education Standards Board Bulletin: July 2020, 6 July 2020

  • COVID-19: Keep up the good work!
  • VET in schools for overseas students
  • Supervision: key to children's safety
  • Approved providers, who is your 'person with management & control'?
  • Don't forget working with children checks
  • Update on A&R and monitoring visits
  • Operating hours: Are yours correct?
  • Early childhood immunisation: FAQs and resources

Education Standards Board Bulletin: June 2020, 2 June 2020

  • Resuming visits to services: a phased approach
  • Don't let children go missing
  • Physical distancing in early childhood services
  • Annual fees for approved providers
  • Changes to National Regulations in SA
  • 'No jab, no play' rules tighten again
  • Find out about Be You
  • National Police Certificates not valid for working with children after 1 July
  • CRICOS course costs

Education Standards Board Bulletin: May 2020, 5 May 2020

  • Social distancing no barrier to supporting you
  • Advice for CRICOS schools during coronavirus
  • Keeping kids mentally well, active and informed
  • Expanding the age groups at your service?
  • Share COVID-19 info with educators
  • First-aid training during pandemic
  • Thanks for survey responses

Education Standards Board Bulletin: April 2020, 6 April 2020

  • Early Childhood Education and Care Relief Package announced
  • Soap power: stop sickness spreading
  • Coronavirus: changing our work
  • Accommodation for younger students
  • Changes to Standards for registration and review of registration of schools in SA
  • Supporting kids with additional needs

Education Standards Board Bulletin: March 2020, 3 March 2020

  • Keeping children safe on buses
  • Sexual abuse notifications
  • Update provider contact details
  • Teachers must meet SA requirements
  • CRICOS schools, sign up for PRISMS news
  • Are your school's details current?
  • Check school registration certs

Education Standards Board Bulletin: February 2020, 4 February 2020

  • SA services beat national average
  • Extra staffing requirements apply
  • Make a safe splash
  • Coronavirus updates
  • How's our newsletter?
  • Sun safety reminder
  • New immunisation records resources
  • Welcome to new staff
  • Boarding is a non-tuition cost

Education Standards Board Bulletin: December 2019, 3 December 2019

  • Heat and bushfires: what to do?
  • Changes to Standards for registration and review of registrtion of schools in SA
  • New policy position on safety in kids' environments
  • New immunisation record-keeping for early childhood services
  • Review CRICOS course costs
  • Hygiene reminder for animal education
  • Providing family day care as a sole carer?
  • Enjoy Christmas season

Education Standards Board Bulletin: November 2019, 7 November 2019

  • Responding to persistently challenging behaviour
  • OSHC changes for summer or next year?
  • When do preschool children become school-aged at OSHC?
  • Keeping school policies current
  • 'Excellent' rating for Keithcot Farm
  • Is your CRICOS rego period ending?
  • Time to check your PRISMS data

Education Standards Board Bulletin: October 2019, 1 October 2019

  • OSHC: Are you using approved spaces?
  • Be SunSmart this spring
  • Keeping kids safe
  • International student course variations
  • Marketing information and practices
  • 'No jab, no play' law introduced

Education Standards Board Bulletin: September 2019, 3 September 2019

  • Up-to-date health care plans: vital for children's wellbeing
  • A step towards reconciliation
  • Don't skip the referee check
  • Calculating course duration on CRICOS for non-government schools
  • New working with children checks for schools

Education Standards Board Bulletin: August 2019, 1 August 2019

  • Sexualised behaviour in children: a sensitive issue
  • Accommodation and welfare of overseas students
  • Check registration certificates
  • Are children being transported safely?

Education Standards Board Bulletin: July 2019, 2 July 2019

  • Outdoor play is vital for children (and so much fun!)
  • Flu: to notify or not to notify?
  • Door guards help keep little fingers safe
  • Rules on overseas student transfers
  • Care for younger overseas students
  • New working with children laws from 1 July

Education Standards Board Bulletin: June 2019, 5 June 2019

  • Who's in charge?
  • Education supports regulation
  • Handle with care: avoid pulled elbow
  • Received the TPS levy?
  • Non-government school CRICOS providers to report student course variations
  • Ready for an emergency?
  • How much documenting for OSHC?
  • Fee invoices arriving this month

Education Standards Board Bulletin: May 2019, 7 May 2019

  • Have your say! NQF review 2019
  • How we'll support continuous improvement
  • 'Excellent' rating for Jescott Montessori preschool again
  • PRISMS news for CRICOS schools
  • Full-fee-paying overseas student attendance
  • Primary schools can get ACECQA news
  • Update your details before fee time

Education Standards Board Bulletin: April 2019, 2 April 2019

  • Meet our new authorised officers
  • Reminder: National Code for schools offering international education
  • CRICOS schools to apply for re-endorsement next year
  • ACECQA's new self-assessment tool
  • Change to working with children checks
  • We'll focus on Working Towards services in 2019

Education Standards Board Bulletin: March 2019, 5 March 2019

  • Surviving (and thriving in) an assessment and rating
  • Valuable learning about inclusion for educators
  • TPS levy coming soon for schools offering international education
  • Deadline extended! Have your say on early childhood qualifications
  • Validation review for 24 schools
  • Are your school's details up to date?
  • Providing feedback on draft assessment and rating reports
  • Quality care matters to children and parents

Education Standards Board Bulletin: February 2019, 6 February 2019

  • 74% of servcies meeting or exceeding standard
  • Learn more about inclusion
  • Changes to scheduling of assessment and rating visits
  • 'Excellent' rating for Lobethal kindy
  • Extra 'suitably qualified person' required in 2020
  • New princial in 2019?
  • Are your school's details up to date?

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