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Changes to National Regulations, 27 May 2020

Coronavirus alerts are now on our 'COVID-19 (coronavirus) information' page

Early Childhood Services and Immunisation Discussion Paper, 7 June 2019

Current newsletter

Education Standards Board Bulletin: June 2020, 2 June 2020

  • Resuming visits to services: a phased approach
  • Don't let children go missing
  • Physical distancing in early childhood services
  • Annual fees for approved providers
  • Changes to National Regulations in SA
  • 'No jab, no play' rules tighten again
  • Find out about Be You
  • National Police Certificates not valid for working with children after 1 July
  • CRICOS course costs

Past newsletters

Education Standards Board Bulletin: May 2020, 5 May 2020

  • Social distancing no barrier to supporting you
  • Advice for CRICOS schools during coronavirus
  • Keeping kids mentally well, active and informed
  • Expanding the age groups at your service?
  • Share COVID-19 info with educators
  • First-aid training during pandemic
  • Thanks for survey responses

Education Standards Board Bulletin: April 2020, 6 April 2020

  • Early Childhood Education and Care Relief Package announced
  • Soap power: stop sickness spreading
  • Coronavirus: changing our work
  • Accommodation for younger students
  • Changes to Standards for registration and review of registration of schools in SA
  • Supporting kids with additional needs

Education Standards Board Bulletin: March 2020, 3 March 2020

  • Keeping children safe on buses
  • Sexual abuse notifications
  • Update provider contact details
  • Teachers must meet SA requirements
  • CRICOS schools, sign up for PRISMS news
  • Are your school's details current?
  • Check school registration certs

Education Standards Board Bulletin: February 2020, 4 February 2020

  • SA services beat national average
  • Extra staffing requirements apply
  • Make a safe splash
  • Coronavirus updates
  • How's our newsletter?
  • Sun safety reminder
  • New immunisation records resources
  • Welcome to new staff
  • Boarding is a non-tuition cost

Education Standards Board Bulletin: December 2019, 3 December 2019

  • Heat and bushfires: what to do?
  • Changes to Standards for registration and review of registrtion of schools in SA
  • New policy position on safety in kids' environments
  • New immunisation record-keeping for early childhood services
  • Review CRICOS course costs
  • Hygiene reminder for animal education
  • Providing family day care as a sole carer?
  • Enjoy Christmas season

Education Standards Board Bulletin: November 2019, 7 November 2019

  • Responding to persistently challenging behaviour
  • OSHC changes for summer or next year?
  • When do preschool children become school-aged at OSHC?
  • Keeping school policies current
  • 'Excellent' rating for Keithcot Farm
  • Is your CRICOS rego period ending?
  • Time to check your PRISMS data

Education Standards Board Bulletin: October 2019, 1 October 2019

  • OSHC: Are you using approved spaces?
  • Be SunSmart this spring
  • Keeping kids safe
  • International student course variations
  • Marketing information and practices
  • 'No jab, no play' law introduced

Education Standards Board Bulletin: September 2019, 3 September 2019

  • Up-to-date health care plans: vital for children's wellbeing
  • A step towards reconciliation
  • Don't skip the referee check
  • Calculating course duration on CRICOS for non-government schools
  • New working with children checks for schools

Education Standards Board Bulletin: August 2019, 1 August 2019

  • Sexualised behaviour in children: a sensitive issue
  • Accommodation and welfare of overseas students
  • Check registration certificates
  • Are children being transported safely?

Education Standards Board Bulletin: July 2019, 2 July 2019

  • Outdoor play is vital for children (and so much fun!)
  • Flu: to notify or not to notify?
  • Door guards help keep little fingers safe
  • Rules on overseas student transfers
  • Care for younger overseas students
  • New working with children laws from 1 July

Education Standards Board Bulletin: June 2019, 5 June 2019

  • Who's in charge?
  • Education supports regulation
  • Handle with care: avoid pulled elbow
  • Received the TPS levy?
  • Non-government school CRICOS providers to report student course variations
  • Ready for an emergency?
  • How much documenting for OSHC?
  • Fee invoices arriving this month

Education Standards Board Bulletin: May 2019, 7 May 2019

  • Have your say! NQF review 2019
  • How we'll support continuous improvement
  • 'Excellent' rating for Jescott Montessori preschool again
  • PRISMS news for CRICOS schools
  • Full-fee-paying overseas student attendance
  • Primary schools can get ACECQA news
  • Update your details before fee time

Education Standards Board Bulletin: April 2019, 2 April 2019

  • Meet our new authorised officers
  • Reminder: National Code for schools offering international education
  • CRICOS schools to apply for re-endorsement next year
  • ACECQA's new self-assessment tool
  • Change to working with children checks
  • We'll focus on Working Towards services in 2019

Education Standards Board Bulletin: March 2019, 5 March 2019

  • Surviving (and thriving in) an assessment and rating
  • Valuable learning about inclusion for educators
  • TPS levy coming soon for schools offering international education
  • Deadline extended! Have your say on early childhood qualifications
  • Validation review for 24 schools
  • Are your school's details up to date?
  • Providing feedback on draft assessment and rating reports
  • Quality care matters to children and parents

Education Standards Board Bulletin: February 2019, 6 February 2019

  • 74% of servcies meeting or exceeding standard
  • Learn more about inclusion
  • Changes to scheduling of assessment and rating visits
  • 'Excellent' rating for Lobethal kindy
  • Extra 'suitably qualified person' required in 2020
  • New princial in 2019?
  • Are your school's details up to date?